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Life-Changing Oral Care for Your Patients

Meet the Doctors

Rejuvenate was founded by two doctors: breast cancer surgeon Dr. Paris Sabo (pictured left) and dentist of over 20 years: Dr. Pooneh Ramezani (pictured right).

Our dentist formulated professional line of all-natural, toxin-free dental care products are designed to enhance your smile like never before by whitening teeth, combating dry mouth, and nurturing gums for a healthier, holistic smile.

Rejuvenate products are completely safe, and are even edible, without any toxins or side effects. Combining science and nature, these plant based formulas are backed by clinical studies and proven to provide tremendous oral health benefits.

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Nature Heals Best™

We've combined the synergistic powers of clinical grade ingredients like organic coconut oil, aloe vera, activated charcoal, and more to provide a healthier, professional strength alternative to commercial whitening strips, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

Rejuvenate offers complete solutions to the many oral health issues that our patients struggle with including: fighting cavities, relieving dry mouth, speeding healing, reducing inflammation, curing uncomfortable canker sores, eliminating bad breath, improving gingivitis and perio, and even whitening teeth for a healthier, more youthful look so that your patients can live their Britest lives!

Rejuvenate Collections

For Whiter Teeth & Brighter Smile

Ultimate Teeth Whitening Collection

Revealing a bright, professionally white smile just became easy. Discover how the Ultimate Teeth Whitening Collection helps maintain the appearance and health of a radiant smile. 

Ultimate Teeth Whitening Collection

For Better Oral Health

Ultimate Oral Health Collection

Achieve better oral health when all aspects of the mouth are treated. The Ultimate Oral Health Collection is a great starting point to begin the journey to a healthy mouth.

Ultimate Oral Health Collection

Become a Smile Guru Today!

Join the Smile Revolution! Show the world your patients' Britest smiles with Rejuvenate by Dr. Brite

Not only is Rejuvenate by Dr. Brite dentist-created, it's dentist-recommended and is being used by licensed dentists across the country who’ve chosen our highly effective all-natural approach to oral care.

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